Scott Sector Fly Rod

Part Number: SECTOR


Scott Sector Fly Rods

The Scott Sector  fly rod takes lightweight, power, feel and line lifting ability to the next level. This is an extremely powerful rod that is at home on the saltwater flats where quick and accurate casts are needed as well as throwing large muskie and pike flies or bass bugs in freshwater. The Sector is a high-performance fly rod that will punch out that extra few feet of line you need accurately and easily. Did you miss that cast? This rod will pick up fly line off the water easily allowing for a quick second shot at that moving bonefish or tarpon. Fishing a large bass bug? The Sector handles bass fly lines very well along with throwing large bulky flies and will make hitting those pockets in the lily pads or putting the fly behind a rock on your favorite smallmouth bass stream a breeze.

Scott Sector Fly Rods New Tech

CARBON WEB. All new from Scott is their Carbon Web graphite technology.  Carbon Web found in the Scott Sector rods increases torsional stability and rod durability via a web of ultra-light multi-directional carbon fiber that encases the rod blank's unidirectional fibers.  The Carbon Web fibers counteract torsional forces created by your cast  that provides better tracking and more positive long line pickups when redirecting casts.  Scott Sector fly rods are also benefitted by the Carbon Web fibers reducing micro fractures from impact or stress on the rod, which can lead to failure. The introduction of Carbon Web technology in the Scott Sector fly rods combined with the rest of Scott's premium tech means even higher performance and casting than generations before it - in other words, more fun on the water!

Ceracoil Guides. Scott Sector fly fishing rods also introduce a new ultra-premium component in their Ceracoil stripping guides.  These new guides combine nickel titanium "shape memory" frames with a high-tech, super slick Zirconia insert that results in a patent pending fly rod guide that will never corrode, returns to its original shape if bent and has the lowest coefficient of friction for increased line shootability. The cherry on top of these new guides is the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating in a low reflective black finish.  The PVD process creates a finish that is tougher and smoother than traditional plated finishes.

6 8'4" 4
8 8'4" 4
10 8'4" 4
13 8'4" 3
15  8'4" 
7 8'10"
8 8'10"
9 8'10"
10  8'10" 
11  8'10" 
12  8'10" 
6 9'0" 4
7 9'0"
8 9'0"
9 9'0" 4
10 9'0" 4
11 9'0" 4
12 9'0"

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