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Nymphs and Wet Fly Hooks

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TMC 200R
TMC 200R Hooks TMC200R $10.20
TMC 2457
TMC 2457 Hooks TMC2457 $10.20
TMC 2487
TMC 2487 Hooks TMC2487 $8.95
TMC 2488
TMC 2488 Hooks TMC2488 $9.60
TMC 2488
TMC 2488H Hooks TMC2488H $10.50
TMC 3761
TMC 3761 Hooks TMC3761 $8.80
TMC 3769
TMC 3769 Hooks TMC3769 $8.85
TMC 403BLJ Hooks TMC403BLJ $15.00
TMC 5262
TMC 5262 Hooks TMC5262 $10.20
TMC 5263
TMC 5263 Hooks TMC5263 $10.20

Tiemco nymph fly tying hooks and wet fly fly tying hooks are super sharp and strong. With a wide variety of styles these Tiemco fly tying hooks will cover all of your nymph and wet fly needs from scud patterns to emerger patterns and large stoneflies.