TMC 201R Hook

Part Number: 427


The Tiemco 201R hook, a progressive iteration of the iconic 200R, stands as a pinnacle of innovation in the realm of trout fly tying. Crafted for the discerning angler, this hook is an embodiment of both form and function. Whether you're crafting delicate dry flies or robust nymphs, the 201R's versatile design supports a wide array of styles, making it a must-have in your fly tying arsenal. 

With the Tiemco 201R hooks, you're not just buying a hook; you're investing in a tradition of excellence and innovation. Perfect for both experienced and aspiring fly tyers, these hooks are designed to elevate your fly tying experience and improve your success on the water. Embrace the art of fly tying with the Tiemco 201R – where quality meets performance!

Use: Nymphs & Dry Flies

Features: Straight Eye, 1X Heavy Wire, 2X Long, Micro Barb, Forged, Black Nickel

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