The best fly rods for redfish in our shop

Recommended fly rods for fishing redfish.

Redfish may be the perfect fish for novice saltwater anglers, though there’s plenty about this species for experienced anglers to like, too. Their bright orange, gold, and reddish hues really “pop” in the water, making them easy to spot. You don’t need to be as precise with your casts, and most casts are under 30 feet. Best of all, the fish have a propensity to bite.

We’ve highlighted a few rods from Echo, G.Loomis, Sage and Scott. You can’t go wrong with any of these rods, although we favor a stiff, fast action rod for accuracy and distance. Redfish put up a good fight and will easily bend a 9 or 10 weight rod. Any saltwater-specific 8- to 10-weight rod (12 if you want to be prepared for the big ones) paired with a smooth, large arbor reel to shorten the fish’s initial run is a winning combo.

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The best fly rods for redfish:

ReelLine weightsPrice
Echo EPR fly rod 8wt–12wt $449.99
G. Loomis NRX fly rod 3wt–12wt $730.00
Sage SALT HD fly rod 6wt–16wt $950.00
Scott Meridian fly rod 6wt–15wt $865.00
    1. Echo EPR Fly Rod

      Best Redfish Fly Rod Echo EPR

      Price: $449.99
      Line weights: 8wt - 12wt

      Our own Pat Ehlers at The Fly Fishers collaborated with Echo’s Tim Rajeff to design the Echo EPR fly rod. With a super-fast tip and the most powerful bottom half Echo has ever built, these are the most powerful fly rods Echo makes—with ample power for long casts, but enough feel for short casts.

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    2. G. Loomis NRX Fly Rod

      Best Redfish Fly Rod G. Loomis NRX

      Price: $730.00
      Line weights: 3wt - 12wt

      The NRX is an all-water, 4-piece rod available in 3-weight to 12-weight sizes. Built with lighter and higher density carbon fiber infused with Nano Silica resins, these rods are lighter, more durable and more responsive than conventional carbon fiber rods.

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    3. Sage Salt HD Fly Rod

      Best Redfish Fly Rod Sage Salt HD

      Price: $950.00
      Line weights: 6wt - 16wt

      This saltwater-specific line of fly rods incorporates Sage’s KonneticHD Technology for more stable casts and better accuracy. These rods give you more pulling power than standard Fast Action rods, making it easier to bring in stronger fish. Available in 6wt to 16wt.

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