Lamson Cobalt Fly Rod

Part Number: CROD

6wt 9'0" 4 Piece
7wt 9'0" 4 Piece
8wt 9'0" 4 Piece
9wt 9'0" 4 Piece
10wt 9'0" 4 Piece
11wt 9'0" 4 Piece
12wt 9'0" 4 Piece

Lamson Cobalt Fly Fishing Rods

Lamson Cobalt fly rods deliver power and high line speeds to battle harsh saltwater conditions and feature a unique Lockdown reel seat to keep reels securely in place.  The ultra fast action of the rod blank in the Lamson Cobalt rods produce super high line speeds to fight wind and have ample power to pick up line at a distance to re-shoot at moving fish.  While fast and powerful, there's plenty of flex and feel to keep you in tune with what's happening through the rod blank to make casting easier and more comfortable.  We've fished these both at home in freshwater and abroad on saltwater flats and have found them to be more than excellent fly fishing rods!



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