Lamson Speedster S Fly Reel



Limited edition Periwinkle and Dark Smoke colors available until sold out!

The new Lamson Speedster S fly reel is made with an enhanced spool machining technique that allows Lamson to focus material only where it is needed - this helps make this new Speedster S fly fishing reel significantly higher performing and lighter than the original Lamson Speedster. This fly fishing reel is designed with a narrower spool that prevents line barreling, larger outer diameters and an inboard mounted handle for increased retrieval rates. Fantastic for fast moving fish like trout in tight creeks, steelhead in fast rivers and speedy and strong permit and bonefish. These fully machined fly reels feature Lamson’s smooth and powerful drag and a type II anodizing finish for corrosion prevention in fresh and saltwater.

Size Diameter Width Weight Rod Weight Line Backing Capacity
-3+ 3.28" 0.90" 3.26 oz 2, 3, 4 WF4 50yds 20lb
-5+ 3.65" 1.00" 3.83 oz 4, 5, 6 WF6 100yds 20lb
-7+ 3.97" 1.12" 4.73 oz 6, 7, 8 WF8 180yds 20lb
-9+ 4.29" 1.25" 5.70 oz 8, 9, 10 WF10 220yds 30lb

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