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Our favorite fly rods for northern pike fly fishing

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Echo EPR Fly Rod for Sale
Echo EPR Fly Rod ECHOEPR $449.99 Free Shipping for Echo EPR Fly Rod
Sage Pike & Musky Fly Rod
Sage Pike & Musky Fly Rod PIKEMUSKY $700.00 Free Shipping for Sage Pike Fly Rod - 10wt 9'0" 4pc
Sage Salt HD Fly Rod for Sale Online
Sage SALT HD Fly Rod SALTHD $950.00 Free Shipping for Sage SALT HD Fly Rods
Scott Meridian Fly Rod for Sale
Scott Meridian Fly Rod MERIDIAN $865.00 Free Shipping for Scott Meridian Fly Rod
Scott Tidal Fly Rod for Sale
Scott Tidal Fly Rod TIDAL $495.00 Free Shipping for Scott Tidal Fly Rod

These are the best fly rods in our shop for fly fishing northern pike.

We do a lot of fly fishing for pike - and the rods you see listed above are our favorite fly rods for catching them. Click through to each listed above for more details - or give us a call at the shop if you have any questions.

Fly rodLine weightsPrice
Echo EPR fly rod 8wt–12wt $449.99
Sage Pike & Muskie 10wt-11wt $699.00
Sage SALT HD fly rod 6wt-13wt, 16wt $950.00
Scott Meridian fly rod 6wt-12wt, 15wt $865.00
Scott Tidal fly rod 6wt–10wt, 12wt $495.00
  1. Echo EPR Fly Rod

    Best Fly Rod for Pike Echo EPR

    Price: $449.99
    Line weights: 8wt, 9wt, 10wt, 12wt

    Priced under $500, the Echo EPR fly rod is one of the best deals on the market for pike fishing. A fast, powerful rod well-suited to long casts and casting large flies, it still provides good loading for short casts. Pat Ehlers of The Fly Fishers designed the EPR series from Echo so this is a rod we know extremely well. With its lightweight, high-modulus graphite construction and super-fast, powerful action, it’s sure to become a go to fly rod for your pike fishing expeditions.

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  2. Sage Pike & Muskie Fly Rod

    Best Fly Rod for Pike Sage Pike Muskie

    Price: $699.99
    Line weights: 10wt, 11wt

    Based on their popular Bass II rods, Sage’s Pike & Musky rods are built with a longer 9-foot length for heavier lines and bigger flies. An extended butt section aids in making figure eights at the boat for muskies. With Sage’s Generation 5 construction, oversized stripping guide and tip top, and saltwater-safe reel seat and components, no pike is safe.

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  3. Sage Salt HD Fly Rod

    Best Fly Rod for Pike Sage Salt HD

    Price: $950.00
    Line weights: 6wt, 7wt, 8wt, 9wt, 10wt, 11wt, 12wt, 13wt, 16wt

    Although labeled as a saltwater fly rod, the SALT HD Fly Rod is also ideal for fishing northern pike. Built with their KonneticHD Technology, Sage’s SALT HD fly rod lets you reach further, faster. Features like oversized Fuji ceramic stripper guides, a heavy-duty black anodized aluminum reel seat and super plus full-wells cork handle let you know this rod is built for business.

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  4. Scott Meridian Fly Rod

    Best Fly Rod for Pike Scott Meridian

    Price: $865.00
    Line weights: 6wt, 7wt, 8wt, 9wt, 10wt, 11wt, 12wt, 15wt

    Designed around Scott’s ReAct carbon fiber technology, the Meridian fly rods have great recovery speed for more responsive, comfortable and efficient performance. Equipped with corrosion-resistant components, these rods do double duty as a saltwater or freshwater rod. From lake fishing northern pike to flats fishing bonefish, the Meridian is an incredible performer.

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  5. Scott Tidal Fly Rod

    Best Fly Rod for Pike Scott Tidal

    Price: $495.00
    Line weights: 6wt, 7wt, 8wt, 9wt, 10wt, 12wt

    A solid saltwater fly rod, the Scott Tidal Fly Rod also works great for bass, muskie and northern pike fishing. Scott’s ARC (Advanced Reinforce Carbon) adds hoop strength and counteracts torque for greater accuracy and line control. With a fast flex profile and even faster recovery speed, pike don’t stand a chance.

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