Redington PREDATOR Fly Rods

Part Number: 5-5022T


The Redington PREDATOR conquers aggressive fish

Redington Predator

The Redington PREDATOR family of fly rods is designed for big flies, hard-fighting fish and heavy lines. The intuitive fast action design of these rods is powerful and responsive while also having a light and balanced in hand feel. All components are saltwater safe and these rods are great for predators in both fresh and saltwater fly fishing. These powerful rods also feature laser-etched size IDs on reel seats for quick identification and epoxy coated section tips to prevent sticking. Shop PREDATOR fly rods for fast-action powerful fly fishing rods.

Redington PREDATOR Fly Rod Models
590-4 5wt 4 9'0" 3.8 oz A
690-4 6wt 4 9'0" 4.1 oz A
696-4 6wt 4 9'6" 4.3 oz A
790-4 7wt 4 9'0" 4.2 oz B
7100-4 7wt 4 10'0" 4.4 oz B
890-4 8wt 4 9'0" 4.3 oz B
990-4 9wt 4 9'0" 4.5 oz B
1090-4 10wt 4 9'0" 4.9 oz C
1091-4 10wt 4 9'0" 4.9 oz D
1190-4 11wt 4 9'0" 5.2 oz C
1191-4 11wt 4 9'0" 5.2 oz D
1290-4 12wt 4 9'0" 5.4 oz C
1291-4 12wt 4 9'0" 6.1 oz E
1481-4 14wt 4 8'0" 6.4 oz F

Redington PREDATOR 10wt PIKE and 11wt MUSKY fly rod models feature an extended fighting butt for additional leverage and help when making boatside figure-eights.

12, 14 and 16wt Redington PREDATOR Bluewater models feature foregrips for doing battle with super strong titans of the deep like tarpon, tuna and sailfish.

Includes Redington lifetime warranty and hard rod tube.

  • Intuitive fast action
  • Dialed in-hand balance for lightweight feel and responsive casting
  • Anodized machined aluminum reel seat, ideal for all water conditions
  • Laser-etched model reference on reel seat for quick rod identification
  • Section tips epoxy coated to prevent sticking
  • Aluminum oxide stripping guides with ceramic inserts and hard wire anodized snake guides for durability
  • Alignment dots for easy rod setup
  • Durable cordura rod tube with built in rod dividers
  • Lifetime warranty

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