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Panfish Flies for Sale Online

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Articulated Bugger
Articulated Bugger ABUG $3.99
Barr Damsel Nymph Fishing Fly
Barr's Damsel Nymph DAMSEL $2.99
Rubber Leg Squirrel Nymph
Bead Head Rubber Leg Squirrel Nymph RLSQ $2.59
Bluegill Bee Panfish & Trout Fly
Bluegill Bee BBEE $2.99
Bonds Deep Cleaner Fly Coffee Black
Bond's Deep Cleaner DCLEAN $2.29
Boogle Amnesia Bugs for sale online
Boogle Amnesia Bugs BABUG $6.99
Chernobyl Ant Trout Dry Fly
Chernobyl Ant CANT $2.59
Chubby Chernobyl Fly Fishing Trout Fly
Chubby Chernobyl CHUCHR $2.99
Chubby Gorilla
Chubby Gorilla CGCG $2.59
Crane Fly Larva Panfish Trout Nymph Fly
Crane Fly Larva CRANE $2.99
Cravens Charlie Boy Hoppy Trout Dry Fly
Craven's Charlie Boy Hopper CBOY $2.99
Deep Cleaner Trout Fly
Deep Cleaner DEEP $2.59
Deep South Popper
Deep South Popper DEEP $4.99
Dragon Carters Bass Trout Nymph Fly
Dragon Carter's CDRAG $2.99
Give Em Hellgrammite fly pattern
Give 'Em Hellgrammite GEMF $4.99
Gold Bead Squirrel Nymph Panfish & Trout Fly
Gold Bead Squirrel Nymph GBSQN $2.29
Hippie Stomper Mini
Hippie Stomper Mini NEW MHSMP $3.29
Hi-Viz Foam Beetle Dry Trout Fly
Hi-Viz Foam Beetle FBEET $2.59
Hopper Popper Dry Fly Trout Bass
Hopper Popper HOPP $3.99
Js Boobie Ant For Sale Online
J's Boobie Ant JBANT $2.99
J's Indicator Fly JIFF $2.29
terrestrial trout fly
J's Regal Beetle JRBF $2.99
head turner hopper fly
Kurt's Head Turner Hopper Fly KHTHF $3.99
Long Haired Hippie Fly Dark
Long Haired Hippie Fly LHHIP $2.99
Madame X Purple
Madam X Purple MXPP $2.59
Umpqua MassHopper Fly Fishing Flies
MassHopper Fly MASSHOP $2.99
Mihulkas Damsel Nymph
Mihulka's Damsel Nymph MDNF $2.99
Mimic Hopper Terrestrial Grasshopper Trout Fly
Mimic Hopper Fly MIMIC $2.99
Landon Mayer Mini Leech Damsel Olive
Mini Leech Jig Damsel $2.99
Little Reaper Pat Ehlers Trout Panfish Bass Fly
Pat Ehlers' Little Reaper LREAP $3.99
Pond Skipper bass panfish
Pond Skipper JWPS $3.99
protein crunch fly
Protein Crunch HPCF $3.99
Rainys Bullet Head Cricket Dry Fly for Trout & Panfish
Rainy's Bullet Head Cricket BLLCK $3.99
Rainys Grand Hopper
Rainy's Grand Hopper RGHF $3.99
Rubberlegs Fly Black Body Brown Legs
Rubberlegs Fly RUBRLGS $1.99
Shear Damsel
Shear Damsel SDAM $2.99
Squirmy Wormy Fly For Sale Online
Squirmy Wormie Fly SQWRM $1.99
Squirmy Wormie Jig Fly Hot Pink
Squirmy Wormie Jig Fly SQUIRMJ $2.59

Best Flies for Panfish Fishing

Contact panfish fly fishing experts

Panfish are a great intro to fly fishing for beginners and are still fun for advanced anglers. Panfish come in a variety of species, including crappies, perch, rock bass, bluegills and more. They can usually be caught on the surface which makes them a real favorite and really successful panfish anglers even “match the hatch” with nymphs and leech patterns.

Flies for Catching Panfish

Panfish feed heavily on subaquatic insects, invertebrates and baitfish. Our favorite flies for panfish are poppers of topwater terrestrial patterns because of the fun of seeing the fish eat your fly. However, at certain times sub-surface flies will work best. At these times we love nymphs, terrestrials fished wet and even small baitfish. While small panfish will usually be quite eager to eat a fly, the really big ones can be quite challenging. At these times, fly rodders often will outfish the gear guys.

Rods for Catching Panfish

Panfish don’t require heavy fly rods so rods in the 2 to 6 weight sizes are most popular. We prefer rods that are 9 feet in length as these will help you cast longer distances allowing you to cover more water with less work.

Panfish Fishing Techniques

There are a variety of techniques that can be used to catch panfish with a fly. Fishing the surface with a popper, cricket or hopper is as easy as casting the fly out. Let it sit for a moment or two, wait, twitch it again, repeat this until it is time to pick up and recast. When fishing below the surface, allow the fly to sink to the depth you are concentrating on and start your retrieve. Experiment with different speeds of twitches and retrieves until you find success. When retrieving your flies always keep the line under your trigger finger on the hand that is holding the rod. This will keep slack out of the line and give you better control.

The technique you use is not very important for catching panfish, as they will eagerly eat almost any bait, presented in a large variety of ways. You will have loads of time to practice your casting, stripping and reeling while you catch fish after fish. These feisty fish inhabit all lakes, ponds, rivers and streams.


Our top 10 panfish flies:


  1. Boogle Amnesia Bugs
    Boogle Amnesia Bugs Best Panfish Flies

    The most fun way to fish panfish is with panfish poppers. Boogle Amnesia Bugs create the right kind of noise to attract panfish and are made to last with high-quality bodies, materials and hooks.
  2. Bluegill Bee
    Bluegill Bee Fly Best Panfish Flies

    This has been and remains one of our top-selling and top-producing panfish flies. The bead head gets the fly down and helps to create a jigging action that panfish can’t refuse.
  3. Give 'Em Hellgrammite
    Give 'Em Hellgrammite Fly Best Panfish Flies

    Hellgrammites are the T-bone steaks of panfish’s diet. Found where panfish are found, large panfish that is, especially perch love eating them.
  4. Carter's Dragon
    Carter's Dragon Fly Best Panfish Flies

    Want to catch big panfish? If you do then try a dragon nymph. With tons of protein, dragons are a match the hatch pattern for panfish that big ones love to eat.
  5. J's Boobie Ant
    J's Boobie Ant Best Panfish Flies

    Whether there’s an ant hatch on the water’s surface or not panfish love eating ants. The Boobie Ant floats extremely well and will bring up panfish to the surface.
  6. Ehlers' Little Reaper
    Ehlers' Little Reaper Fly Best Panfish Flies

    The Little Reaper is the little brother of the Ehlers’ Grim Reaper. This is a great pattern for panfish of all types from large bluegills and crappies to jumbo perch.
  7. Rainy's Bumble Bee
    Rainy's Bumble Bee Fly Best Panfish Flies

    Panfish are very opportunistic feeders and when something good hits the water they are likely to eat it. Rainy’s Bumble Bee triggers that feeding pattern and its foam body keeps it floating.
  8. Rubberlegs Fly
    Rubberlegs Fly Best Panfish Flies

    Rubberlegs create action and vibration that attracts panfish and is a fly that they can’t refuse. This fly just plain looks alive underwater.
  9. Whitlock's Nuevo Spidare
    Whitlock's Nuevo Spidare Fly Best Panfish Flies

    This is a great topwater panfish fly that attracts large panfish. Don’t be surprised if a bass or two eats it too.
  10. Beadhead Rubberleg Squirrel Nymph
    Beadhead Rubberleg Squirrel Nymph Fly Best Panfish Flies

    A great wet fly is what you need when panfish aren’t eating on top. The Beadhead Rubberleg Squirrel Nymph is that fly because of its rubber legs and squirrel nymph bodies. It has lots of underwater action. The bead head helps get this fly down.
Not sure which flies are best for your home waters? Contact The Fly Fishers to get the most success on your favorite panfish water.