Scott Centric Fly Rods

Part Number: CENTRIC

4wt 8'6" 4 Piece
4wt 9'0" 4 Piece
4wt 10'0" 4 Piece
5wt 9'0" 4 Piece
5wt 9'6" 4 Piece
5wt 10'0" 4 Piece
6wt 9'0" 4 Piece
No Fighting Butt
6wt 9'0" 4 Piece
Fighting Butt
6wt 9'6" 4 Piece
6wt 10'0" 4 Piece
7wt 9'0" 4 Piece

Scott Centric Fly Fishing RodScott Centric Fly Rods for Sale

Fresh, Fast and Unfiltered.

The Scott Radian put the feel in fast action fly rods, and now the all new Scott Centric takes that to the next level.  These new fast action fly rods from Scott provide new levels of stability, recovery speed and rang while providing huge amounts of feedback to the caster via tip sections that flex easily and blanks that are highly transmissive.  The most efficient fly rods Scott has ever made - stable, flat, high speed loops are generated with minimal effort.

Fly anglers of all skill levels will appreciate the light in the hand feel and incredible accuracy of the Scott Centric fly rods.  Superb freshwater fly fishing versatility is achieved through the ability of the new Centric fly rods to control line speeds and loop shape at any distance.  Roll casting ability and mending capabilities of the Scott Centric are also top-tier.

How has Scott once again raised the bar in fast action fly rods with the new Centric fly rods? A new resin system increases fiber density while reducing weight, that combined with new tapers and multi-modulus lay ups come together for insane feel with fast action benefits.  A new generation of Scott's ARC reinforcement technology provides increased stability, and new custom rolling equipment provides Scott the ability to control fiber placement and density with all new levels of precision.

The reviews are in: Scott Centric is a high performance, fast action, fast recovery fly rod

Fast Action - Under normal load, the Scott Centric fly rod flexes in the top 25% of the rod.

Fastest Recovery - The Scott Centric returns the fastest from a loaded or flex state while casting.

New Standard-Setting Componentry

While the magic lies in the incredible graphite blank of the new Scott Centric, the new componentry brings everything together and redefines durability, functionality and beauty.  Flor grade cork handles, new titanium stripping guides fitted with super slick zirconia inserts, new low glare Snakebrand Universal snake guides, and a new fully milled reel seat featuring speed threads, easy grip knurling, self-indexing hoods, micarta inserts, a special Delrin lock washer, and type 3 flat black hard coat.

All Scott Centric fly rods are handcrafted in the USA with the finest materials, are 4 pieces and come with an embroidered cloth bag and premium aluminum rod tube.

Scott Centric Fly Rods Technology

Features of the Scott Centric Fly Rod

Carbon Link Construction Techniques for the Scott Centric Fly Rod

Scott Centric Foundation fully Milled Reel Seat & Grip   

Model Line Length Pieces Grip
C854/4 4 8'6" 4 A
C904/4 4 9'0" 4 A
C905/4 5 9'0" 4 A
C906/4 6 9'0" 4 A
C906/4FB 6 9'0" 4 B
C907/4 7 9'0" 4 B
C955/4 5 9'6" 4 B
C956/4 6 9'6" 4 B
C1004/4 4 10'0" 4 A
C1005/4 5 10'0" 
C1006/4 6 10'0" 

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