Ross Reels San Miguel Fly Reel

Part Number: SANMIG

3/4 (3-4wt) - High Gloss Black
4/5 (4-5wt) - High Gloss Black
5/6 (5-6wt) - High Gloss Black

Ross Reels San Miguel Fly Reel


The return of an icon!  Since Ross Reels began in 1973 the original Ross San Miguel fly reel has been the epitome of what a Ross Reel is, the ultimate in class and finesse.  This new version blends modern machining and materials with the original elements that made the original San Miguel fly reel such an icon.  Modern features like a micarta handle (grips when wet), precision sealed stainless/carbon stack drag and large arbor meet the high-gloss black finish, liquid-smooth free spool and famous “flower petal” porting of the original Ross San Miguel fly fishing reel.  The frame still keeps the solid back of the original while the spool side features a new machined stainless steel push-button release that performs as good as it looks.  Integration of new features and classic styling make this new reel worthy of the iconic San Miguel name.

  • Classic San Miguel aesthetic coupled with modern performance updates
  • Polished, high-gloss black finish
  • Powerful and smooth carbon / stainless sealed drag system
  • Canvas micarta handle enhances grip when wet
  • Large arbor for fast retrieval and reduced line memory
  • Push-button spool release
Size Weight Diameter Width Line + Backing
San Miguel 3/4 5.4oz 2.95" 0.88" 3wt+65yds 4wt+50yds
San Miguel 4/5 5.8oz 3.27" 0.88" 4wt+90yds 5wt+75yds
San Miguel 5/6 6.0oz 3.52" 0.88" 5wt+100yds 6wt+80yds

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