OPST Lazar Line

Part Number: PSRL

#30 .435
#35 .470
#40 .520
#50 .570

OPST Lazar Running Line is an extremely slick mono running line that will help you launch monster casts. It is extremely durable, works well over a broad spectrum of temperatures, is hydrophobic and has a calculated amount of stretch built in to allow for easy knot tying. This stretch will produce great knot strength for you too. It does not have any memory at any temperature.

The OPST Pure Skagit Running Line also works great with Scandi fly lines.

Customer Reviews for OPST Lazar Line

Best line I have found for czech nymphing. Ran 28' of line & a 2' of 0X sighter & it cast like a fly line & doesn't curl like mono line.
- mick
I got this line to use as a Euro nymphing line on the recommendation of George Daniel. The line has no memory so it doesn’t coil of the reel and it has a very slick finish which slides easily through the guides when casting.
- Rich Ludt

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