Pat Ehlers' Furball

Part Number: FURB

Fire Tiger
Silver Shiner

This is one of Pat Ehlers’ favorite all-around fishing flies.

It has taken smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, steelhead, salmon, snook, and baby tarpon. Rick Murphy host of Sportsman’s Adventures television show from Florida and FLW Redfish Tour and Oh Boy Oberto Redfish champion used this fly to win three consecutive Redbone redfish tournaments. The silver grey makes a great baitfish color and works very well fly fishing smallmouth bass in Chequamegon Bay in Ashland, Wisconsin and anywhere else in the Great Lakes that smallmouth bass are found, the chartreuse is a good all-around color and the fire tiger works well in stained water. This is a Signature Series fly from Rainy’s Flies.

Ehlers' Furball fly tying video and fly pattern recipe

Buy the Ehlers' Furball online or buy the materials to start tying it yourself. The Ehlers' Furball can be a challenge to tie, but is a beautiful and effective pattern, perfect for catching bass, steelhead, salmon, snook, and more. Watch the master, Pat Ehlers, walk you through the fly tying process.

Video: How to tie the Ehlers' Furball pattern: step-by-step

Ehlers' Furball Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook Gamakatsu B10S The B10S is one of our favorite bass bug hooks, and perfect for hooking bigger fish, and ideal for the Furball. We recommend the B10S in Size 4.
Thread 1) 6/0 Uni Thread 6/0 Uni Thread is a perfect thread for the Furball. Choose a similar color to your material.
Tail 1) CCT Fiber Hair
2) Grizzly Saddle Hackle
Use the CCT fiber for the tail and the wings of the Furball. Use grizzly saddle hackle for the lateral lines.
Eyes Hareline 3D Holographic Adhesive Eyes The eyes are key to the Furball's efficacy. Bigger predators look for eyes in the water to identify their prey.
Body CCT Body Fur Wind this synthetic fly tying hackle around the hook shank to form a full body.
Head Cement Solarez UV Resin Pat recommends using UV resin on the Furball to help secure the eyes and add extra weight to the fly.
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