Keough Half Grizzly Saddles Grade #1

Part Number: 1KG

Natural Grizzly

These Keough Half Grizzly Saddles Grade #1 are some of the best quality dry fly saddles at an economical price. They provide a range of sizes and are long and narrow so you can tie a number of flies from one feather. These hackles are available in some of the favorite colors for fly tiers tying dry flies. However the length of these hackles allow the folks looking for long saddles to tie muskie flies some great feathers.

Availability can fluctuate.

Customer Reviews for Keough Half Grizzly Saddles Grade #1

This is really nice hackle. The feathers are VERY long so you can get many flies out of a single feather. The barbules are pretty dense as well and the grizzly barring is perfect. I ordered the Ginger color and it is a fairly dark ginger. I also have the Olive and Brown colors and they are fairly dark as well but not too dark. There's enough hackle in one of these half saddles for literally 1000's of flies, mainly in the 10 to 14 hook size range.
- darrelln09

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