How to Tie a Double Surgeon's Knot with Jared Ehlers

Double Surgeon's Knot for Fly Tying

Jared Ehlers of The Fly Fishers demonstrates tying the double surgeon's loop knot. It's an easy knot for making loops in butt sections of fly lines, a connector loop in the butt of a leader, or for any fly fishing rig where you need a loop.

The double surgeon's knot is most useful when joining two lines of relatively unequal size, like a tippet to a leader. It's really a double overhand knot, simply renamed "double surgeon's knot." 

Be sure to lubricate the knot and pull it tight slowly to ensure the very best grip and strength. Don't mess around—pull hard to make sure the knot is tight and ready to help bring in a keeper. 

Check out the video above to learn how to tie a strong, reliable double surgeon's knot.

How to Tie a Double Surgeon's Loop Knot

  1. Take the front end and bring it back over itself.
  2. Keep the two ends pinched together, treating the doubled over piece as one single piece.
  3. Create an overhand knots, bringing the end up and around into a loop.
  4. Take the tag end and bring it through the loop once.
  5. Pass the tag end through the loop a second time.
  6. Pinch the two ends and pull tight.
  7. Trim the tag piece, and you're ready to fish.
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