RIO 10' Bonefish Leader

Part Number: 6-2426

8 lb.
10 lb.
12 lb.

RIO’s Bonefish Leaders are expertly designed and built to meet the demands of bonefish fly fishing. Crafted from medium-stiff nylon with a powerful taper, these leaders effortlessly turn over typical bonefish flies and handle tough winds with ease. The high-quality copolymer material is easy to knot and maintains excellent knot strength.

Key Features:

  • Medium-Stiff Material: Ideal for turning over larger bonefish flies.
  • Powerful Taper Design: Ensures effective casts even in tough winds.
  • Easy Knotting: High strength and reliability.
  • Hand Tied Perfection Loop: Located in the butt for quick and easy rigging.
  • Cost-Effective Pack: Handy pack of three leaders saves costs, reduces waste, and conserves space in vest pockets and bags.

Ideal for:

    • Bonefish
    • Redfish
    • Other Flats Species


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