Ghost Hair w/Flash

Part Number: SY-GFH


What do you get when you combine a synthetic translucent fiber with Angel Hair? You get Ghost Hair with Flash that is easy to work with and ties some great streamer patterns for both saltwater flies and freshwater flies. the fibers are 6" to 8" in length and come in hanks. The synthetic fibers move very well in the water and won't absorb it so casting flies tied with it is a lot easier. This has quickly become one of Pat's favorite new fly tying materials here in the shop. He's been tying smallmouth bass flies, largemouth bass flies and tarpon flies with it and has been very happy with the results. Give Ghost Hair with Flash a shot. We know you'll love it!

Customer Reviews for Ghost Hair w/Flash

Perfect for my saltwater Anchovies and Sardine flies.
- Chas

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