Cliff's Bass Barn

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We asked the crew at Cliff's if they could take the foam out of one side of their famous Bugger Barn to allow hair bugs to fit without crushing them. Cliff's followed through and the Bass Barn is the result.  Awesome fly box for wading while fly fishing or any other time when there isn't enough room to carry one of their bigger fly boxes. Fly holding foam slots and super tough plastic means these will take a beating through every fly fishing excursion.

Cliff's Bass Barn is great for those of you tying your own flies. Label each box for the type of fly so you can make a bunch throughout the winter and keep them in great shape for the entire season! We carry every fly tying material and fly tying tools you need. We also have many fly tying videos and add to your skill!

Customer Reviews for Cliff's Bass Barn

Just what I was looking for!
- Nathan G

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