RIO 9' Bass Knotless Leader - 3 Pack

Part Number: 6-241

8 lb.
10 lb.
12 lb.
16 lb.

Grab a pack of the RIO Bass Leader 3 Packs if you need a few more of the RIO Bass Leaders than just one.  It's a bit more economical than buying three individual packs and keeps some extra packaging from hitting the landfill.  Awesome fly fishing leaders for a variety of fly fishing bass and panfish situations.

Knotless freshwater bass fly fishing tapered leaders. Clear leader of slightly stiffer copolymer than the trout series. Thick butt for casting bushy bass fly fishing flies.  The RIO Bass Knotless Leader is an excellent choice when fly fishing smallmouth bass or fly fishing for largemouth bass.  Its durability and strength are essential for keeping your fly connected to your fly line when big bass have your fly fishing rod bent in half. 

  • Medium-stiff material for turning over larger flies
  • Powerful butt section and taper for great turnover
  • Maximum strength and abrasion resistance

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Customer Reviews for RIO 9' Bass Knotless Leader - 3 Pack

Good Value, high quality!
- RES1972
Fly Fishers Response: Thanks for the positive feedback.

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