Pat Ehlers' Articulated Diver

Part Number: ARTDV

Chartreuse / White
Purple / Black

Pat has always loved diver patterns and wanted to add a modern twist to a classic fly fishing fly. By articulating the fly and cutting the back hook off and adding a foam tab, the fly really swims as it dives! This fly is great as a top water fly for fly fishing bass and pike, but also fishes well "crankbait style" when fished with a sinking fly line.

The Ehlers' Articulated Diver is one bass fly included in our discount priced bass fly assortment. Save a few bucks and add some excellent fly patterns to your collection.

If you want to tie your own Articulate Diver Bass Fly then check out the Bass Fly Tying Video by Pat Ehlers. You will see 4 favorite bass flies being tied and learn several great fly tying techniques.

Shop our entire line of bass flies including Articulated Diver Pat Ehlers' online at The Fly Fishers Fly Shop.

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