RIO Dry Fly Assortment Caddis Olive

Part Number: CADOA


RIO Caddis Dry Fly Assortment Olive

Caddis flies are one of the most important aquatic insects that fly when it comes to a trout's menu. The RIO Caddis Dry Fly Assortment Olive Color is a dozen of some of the most popular caddis patterns on the water. These fly patterns will work wherever you find trout swimming.

All of these flies in this assortment are olive.

The assortment contains the following olive caddis flies:

  • E/C Caddis - #14, #16
  • Elk Hair Caddis - #14, #16
  • Hen Wing Caddis - #14, #16
  • Body Double Caddis - #16
  • Foam Run Caddis - #14, #16
  • X-Caddis - #14, #16, #18

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