EP Ascension Bay Mantis Shrimp

Part Number: EPABM


If you are heading to any of the great lodges on Ascension Bay to fly fish for permit the Ascension Bay Mantis Shrimp from Enrico Puglisi is one of our favorites. We have been fishing these waters for more than 25 years and have found that throwing mantis shrimp fly patterns for permit is a great way to catch them. We like to use them for permit that are found laid up or rolling in deeper water on the flats.

That doesn't mean we don't like them for bonefish too though. These larger shrimp patterns are perfect flies for bonefish when fly fishing the Bahamas or any saltwater flats that have larger bonefish. We have had really good results at places like Andros South and Crooked and Acklins Trophy Lodge with them.

This is one of our best permit flies in stock at our fly fishing shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Order it online for your fly box!

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