Lamson Litespeed M Fly Reel



Lamson Litespeed M Fly Reel

The marine version of the 6th generation of Lamson Litespeed fly reels, these incredible new reels feature incredibly strong, efficient and IPX8 waterproof rated drags that are built to withstand the rigors of the most intense fresh and saltwater fishing anywhere. The lightest reels in their class, durability and strength is not sacrificed for weight. The space frame construction provides incredible strength to weight ratio for a design that won’t weight you down or let you down. The super large arbor design provides incredibly fast line pickup - that combined with the light weight of these reels makes them an exceptional example of the retrieve rate per ounce benchmark in fly fishing reels. Powerful, efficient and waterproof drags combined with the exceptional retrieve rate per ounce ratio make these reels another step closer to big game fly reel perfection.

Made in the USA.

Size Diameter Width Weight Rod Weight Line Backing Capacity
6 4.15" 0.95" 5.50 oz 5, 6 WF6 150yds 20lb
8 4.65" 0.95" 5.70 oz 7, 8 WF8 250yds 20lb
10 4.82" 1.00" 6.60 oz 9, 10 WF10 250yds 30lb
12 5.10" 1.19" 8.00 oz 11, 12 WF12 300yds 30lb

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