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Whiting 100 Packs

Whiting 100 Packs
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Product Number: WHIT100
FT Whiting 100 - Color:
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One of the most popular fly tying materials ever produced, the Whiting 100’s Saddle Hackle packs offer convenience beyond compare! The pre-sized Whiting genetic saddle hackle is conveniently accessible within its own protective cardboard backer, clearly labeled and ready for fly tying 100 or more flies per pack.
There’s no easier way to crank out a dozen flies on a moment’s notice than with Whiting 100’s Saddle Hackle Packs. Don’t be confused by imposters or copycats, there’s only one genuine Whiting 100’s Pack. 

If you want to tie a Blue Wing Olive dry fly simply find the pack for the correct color and size you need. Save time not having to size hackles. Simply grab what you need and tie. The folks at Whiting Hackle have taken all the work out of tying dry flies.

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