Egg Sucking Crystal Leech

Part Number: ELEE


This dynamic fly pattern is a proven winner for targeting both salmon and trout, especially during spawning seasons. Its unique design features a bright, egg-like head that irresistibly mimics a nutritious snack, triggering aggressive strikes. The crystal body adds a shimmering, lifelike quality, perfectly simulating the natural movement of a leech in the water. Durable and versatile, this fly is a must-have for anglers seeking the ultimate salmon and trout fly fishing experience.

The Egg Sucking Leech is about as popular a steelhead fly as there is. We have also used them for salmon in Alaska and the Great Lakes - even on trout in the west and Midwest. If steelhead fly fishing or any of these other varieties of fly fishing is your thing, have a few Egg Sucking Leeches in your box.

Egg Sucking Leech fly tying video and fly pattern recipe

Buy the Egg Sucking Leech online or buy the materials to start tying it yourself. The Egg Sucking Leech is a staple every angler should know how to tie. Watch Peter DeBoer tie a Wooly Bugger variant of the classic Egg Sucking Leech in the video below, and check out our instructions for reference.

Video: How to tie the Egg Sucking Leech pattern: step-by-step

Egg Sucking Leech Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook 1) Daiichi 2220 Streamer Hook - Size 4
2) Daiichi 2461 Streamer Hook
The Daiichi 2220 - used in the video - is a traditional streamer hook that would be a good pick for any of your standard streamer flies like Zonkers, bucktail streamers or feather wing streamers. Try the 2461 hook for muskies or smallmouth bass.
Thread 1) 3/0 Uni Thread - Black and Pink
2) Lead Free Wire (Optional)
Use black thread on the body and pink thread on the head of the fly. You can also use lead free wire when starting the body to add weight to the fly.
Body 1) Hareline Marabou Blood Quills
2) Hareline Wooly Bugger Saddle Hackle
3) Trilobal Antron Chenile - Black and Pink
Black is the most common option when tying an Egg Sucking Leech, but darker colors like brown and even purple are often effective. Be sure to tie in the saddle before tying in the chenille. Use pink thread to tie in the pink chenille.
Head Cement Hard as Hull Cement Just a good glue with a convenient applicator brush.
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