Daiichi 2461 Aberdeen Multi-Use Hook

Part Number: D2461

20 Pack
20 Pack
20 Pack
15 Pack
12 Pack
10 Pack
8 Pack
7 Pack
5 Pack
5 Pack

The Daiichi 2461 is a long shank Aberdeen bend black fly tying hook that is a straight eye, 3X long, standard wire hook. We love the Daiichi 2461 as a muskie fly tying hook and also as a bass fly tying hook. Available from #6/0 to #6 you can tie everything from the largest muskies flies to smallmouth bass streamers on the smaller sizes. The black nickel finish on these hooks allow it be a top notch saltwater hook too. We love using them on streamer patterns for snook and tarpon around the mangroves.

Out of stock? Check out the Core C2461 hooks here for the same hook specs.

The Daiichi 2460 is the same hook in a bronze finish.

Hooks per pack:

#6/0-#5/0 - 5 per pk
#4/0 - 7 per pk
#3/0 - 8 per pk
#2/0 - 10 per pk
#1/0 - 12 per pk
#1 - 15 per pk
#2-#6 - 20 per pk

Take a look at our Synthetic Fly Tying Materials to tie on these great hooks.

Customer Reviews for Daiichi 2461 Aberdeen Multi-Use Hook

An excellent hook, I use it for streamers, crayfish patterns, Calcasieu Pig Boats and sometimes for poppers. Nice and sharp
- JerryC
My favorite hooks for streamers
- Randy Paine

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