Fly Tying Chenille

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Used as a body material on many different types of flies from Wooly Buggers to bonefish flies. Whether fishing Girdle Bugs on Montana’s Gallatin River or bonefish in the Florida Keys, this oldie but goodie fly tying material works great. Our fly tying chenille is available in a wide variety of colors for use on everything from trout nymphs and trout streamers to saltwater and steelhead flies.

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Customer Reviews for Fly Tying Chenille

Great product. works great
- ScottW
Hello. I had a few troubles with that order. Please if you could notify me of out of stock items so i can either add replacements or different items it would be nice. I received the order without a few essential items and it bummed me out. Thanks, Tim
- tim
Fly Fishers Response: Sorry Tim. This was and continues to be a very trying time to get and keep inventory in stock. Thanks for your business.
It was a really small pack. Much smaller than expected, and not sure why you would sell it in such a small amount. Also, it,took weeks to get here, and the hackle I ordered with it to make a woolly bugger turned out to be back ordered - a fact I wasn't informed of until I received the other materials. Had I known that, I would have ordered from someone else. Really not all that satisfied at this point.
- Elliott Milhollin
Fly Fishers Response: Elliot, thanks for your candid response. The chenille is a standard sized card that fly shops stock. These packs came from one of the 2 largest suppliers of tying materials in the country. I'm sorry about the backordered saddle hackle. It's becoming an old story but we are having major supply issues with inventory due to Covid restrictions in that states our major supplies reside in. We're doing the best we can with these issues.

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