Flymen Fish Skull Living Eyes

Part Number: FLE


Flymen Fish Skull Living Eyes are extremely realistic eyes based on the coloration of many prey's eyes. These adhesive backed eyes can be used on all of your favorite streamer flies. Flymen Fish Skull Living Eyes are also designed to be used with the corresponding size of Fish Skull Fish Masks. When using them with the Fish Skull Fish Masks we recommend sealing them in with Clear Cure Goo Hydro. You can also use Zap Gel to adhere them to the Fish Masks.

3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8.5mm - 20 pack
10mm - 16 pack
15mm - 12 pack 


I like the color selection, plus the eyes are relatively flat and don't bulge out
- JerryC
Love the product, the transaction was fine. I would have appreciated a quick update from your store when the product was shipped. I travel quite a bit so I like to know on or about the date when things I order are due to arrive so that I can have someone be on the lookout and retrieve them in my absence. Have a great summer.
- Jim
Fly Fishers Response: Jim, thanks for your input. We are working on a big rebuild of our site that will make that kind of thing happen.
Give Flys a more lifelike
- Adam
Great looking eyes. perfect match with masks. Make sure you get the right size.
- drsebesta
Very good product for adding eyes to fish skull products and adding eyes to streamers.
- Scott Plummer

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