Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Int/Sink 2/Sink 3 Fly Line

Part Number: SATI23

Pale Green/Blue/Dark Green

SA Sonar Titan Int/2/3 Sinking Fly Lines

This full sinking fly line from Scientific Anglers is made with SA's super popular Titan taper for turning over large, wind-resistant flies.  This triple-density sinking line is fully tapered so, while powerful and sinking, it casts more like a floating line than other full sinking fly lines.  The progressively faster sink rate in this line - 1.5ips to 2ips to 3ips - makes for a better connection to your fly for more positive feel and better hooksets.  The heavy, powerful head and shooting texture that reduces friction makes this the ultimate full sinking, gamefish fly line!

  • Two line sizes heavy for loading quickly and delivering the biggest flies to the furthest targets; use designated line weight for your rod
  • Excellent turnover due to short, powerful head
  • Triple density construction provides straight-line connection to fly
  • The perfect line for throwing streamers to trout or targeting larger game such as pike, muskie, and stripers in shallower water
  • Shooting Texture reduces friction, providing longer casts, easier pick-up, and increased durability
  • For use in moderate and cold climates; braided multifilament core
  • SA ID – SA SONAR TITAN INTS2S3 X (X = line weight)


Customer Reviews for Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Int/Sink 2/Sink 3 Fly Line

I fish Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota. The early season pike were holding in six feet of water. The SA inter/2/3 line got down to the depth but allowed the fly to be fished slowly without falling into last year weed growth. Best part is the Titan taper cut thru the wind like butter. Best casting line out there.
- Craig

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