Stay-Lok Snaps

Part Number: SLSP

#2 - 100lb.
#3 - 150lb.
#4 - 200lb.

If you tie your own muskie fly fishing leaders, barracuda leaders, pike leaders or any wire fly fishing leaders we recommend adding a Stay-Lok Snap on the end. These snaps will stay closed and are extremely strong for their size. Testing out at #100 for the #2 size, #150 for the #3 size and #200 for the #4 size they are the strongest snaps for the size we have found. these are the same snaps found on the Scientific Anglers Toothy Fish leaders. Adding a snap to your wire fly fishing leader makes changing flies quick and easy and is more economical as you won't be cutting your wire tippet every time you want to change flies.

Making your own wire fly fishing leaders is easy and economical. A simple leader formula is to use  4' to 6' of #40 Clear Maxima for the butt section and tie on 18" to 24" of knotable wire from Scientific Anglers or RIO with an Albright knot. Add the Stay-Lok snap with a 3-wrap non-improved clinch knot and you're done.

Stay-Lok Snaps are available with a swivel too.

The 2.2 and 3.3 sizes incorporate the same size snap. using the snap with a swivel with help eliminate the line twist often encountered casting large muskie flies. The snap-swivel version is listed in the drop down when selecting a size.

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