Surface Seducer Foam Driller

Part Number: DRILL


The Surface Seducer Foam Driller is an all-in-one, easy to use, handheld micro drill that allows fly tyers to make quick and precise holes in foam heads like the Howitzer Heads and Double Barrel Heads among others.

The micro drill creates a clean, accurate hole in seconds and eliminates the need to heat up a needle or ruin a perfectly good bodkin.

Includes three mini drill bits to make a variety of hole sizes to fit any size hook.

Step 1

Select a drill bit to match the size of hook you are using. This is typically slightly smaller than the diameter of the hook shank.

Step 2

Insert the drill bit in the jaws of the Foam Driller and tighten.

Step 3

Holding the foam head in one hand start drilling your hole by turning the drill bit with your finger tips in a clockwise position. Proceed carefully and you will be able to create entry and exit holes with precision.

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