Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper Bodies

Part Number: SSDB


Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper Bodies have as the name says a double barrel, extra wide face that creates a lot of noise and attracts fish. The Double Barrel Bodies comes in 5 sizes and a variety of colors. (The XL and LG sizes only come in 4 colors all other sizes come in 6 colors) The 2 larger sizes are big enough to use on saltwater poppers as well as muskies and pike.

X-Small, Small, Medium - 8 Bodies Per Pack
Large - 6 Bodies Per Pack
X-Large - 4 Bodies Per Pack


Hook recommendations: X-Small - #8 Surface Seducer Popper Hooks
                                    Small -    #6 Surface Seducer Popper Hooks
                                    Medium - #2 Surface Seducer Popper Hooks
                                    Large -  #2/0 - #4/0    Daiichi 2546
                                    X-Large - #5/0 - #6/0  Daiichi 2546

The Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes fit these poppers perfectly.

Hard to find this product locally (Seattle). Glad to be able to order it from your shop.
- Malcolm Jollie

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