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Hareline Dubbin

Arctic Fox Tail
Arctic Fox Tail AFOXTL $5.95
Bug Collars
Bug Collars HBBC $4.20 $1.59
Chartpak Permanent Markers
Chartpak Permanent Markers HCM $6.50
Chicone Crusher Legs CCL $3.29
Chocklett's Body Wrap HCBW $6.95
Chocklett's Filler Flash CFF $4.95
Chocklett's Gamechanger Chenille CGC $4.50
Cohen's Carp Dub HCCD $2.70
Cohen's Fly Suede HCFS $5.95
DNA Holo Chromosome Flash
DNA Holo Chromosome Flash HDNAC $4.95
EP Senyo Chromatic Brushes 1.5" Wide
EP Senyo Chromatic Brushes 1.5" Wide HEPS1 $9.95
EP Senyo Chromatic Brushes 3" Wide
EP Senyo Chromatic Brushes 3" Wide HEPS3 $9.95
EP Wooly Critter Brush
EP Wooly Critter Brush HEWC $7.25
Fusion Fly Tying by Greg Senyo SFFT $39.95
Hareline 3D Beads 3DBD $3.95
Hareline Alaska Brass Cone HABC $4.50
Hareline Antron Yarn
Hareline Antron Yarn HAY $1.95
Hareline Arctic Fox Zonker
Hareline Arctic Fox Zonker HAFZ $4.95
Hareline BallZeyes Nickel HBZE $4.50
Hareline Barred & Speckled Crazy Legs
Hareline Barred & Speckled Crazy Legs HBSCL $2.95

Hareline Dubbin' is one of the prenier if not the premier supplier of fly tying materials. We carry a large number of the Hareline Dubbin' fly tying products because of the quality and diverse range of fly tying materials that they carry.

Many of Hareline Dubbin's products are of their own design. Check out some of the great products like UV Polar Chenille, Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe, and Ice Dubbing.

Hareline Dubbin' is also the sole importer of our favorite fly tying thread Veevus Fly Tying Thread. We love Harelin's products and we are sure your fly tying will be better using them.