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Specialty Hooks

Daiichi 1510
Daiichi 1510 Egg/Glo Bug Hook DAI1510 $5.50
Daiichi 1520
Daiichi 1520 Wetfly/Steelhead Egg Hook DAI1520 $5.50
Daiichi 2441 Steelhead/Salmon Hook D2441 $4.75
Daiichi 2461 DAI2461 $5.20
Daiichi 4350 Streamer "J" Hook
Daiichi 4350 Streamer "J" Hook DAI4350 $4.75
Daiichi 4630
Daiichi 4630 Fly Tying Jig Hook 60 Degree DAI4630 $5.50
Daiichi 4660
Daiichi 4660 Fly Tying Jig Hook 90 Degree DAI4660 $4.25
Daiichi X15
Daiichi X15 HK-X15 $4.50

These specialty fly tying hooks include egg hooks, glo bug hooks and fly tying jig hooks for your unique fly tying needs. We also have some special conventional bass type hooks that Pat Ehlers of The Fly Fishers uses for his special smallmouth bass flies and largemouth bass flies.