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Nymphs & Wet Flies

Barr's Beadhead Emerger BWO BHEM $1.99
Beadhead Bird
Beadhead Bird's Nest Caddis Green BIRD $2.29
Beadhead Pheasant Tail
Beadhead Pheasant Tail PTAIL $1.89
Beadhead Prince Nymph
Beadhead Prince Nymph PRIN $1.89
Beadhead Rubber Leg Brown Stonefly
Beadhead Rubber Leg Brown Stonefly BHRLSF $2.99
Bluegill Bee
Bluegill Bee BBEE $2.59
Burk's Hex Nymph HEXN $2.79
Copper Bead Z-Wing Caddis
Copper Bead Z-Wing Caddis ZWING $2.29
Copper John Barr
Copper John Barr's COPP $1.89
Damsel Nymph
Damsel Nymph DAMSN $2.29
Dragon Carter
Dragon Carter's CDRAG $2.59
Dragon Neally
Dragon Neally's NDRAG $3.59
Duddles Steelhead Stone
Duddles Steelhead Stone DUDD $3.99
Egans GTI Caddis
Egan's GTI Caddis $2.99
Egg Sucking Western Stonefly Nymph
Egg Sucking Western Stonefly Nymph EGGST $2.99
GB Caddis Poopah
GB Caddis Poopah CAPP $1.99
Gold Bead Scud
Gold Bead Scud GBSCD $2.29
Gold Bead Squirrel Nymph
Gold Bead Squirrel Nymph GBSQN $2.29
Goldbead Hare
Goldbead Hare's Ear GBHE $1.89
Guide's Choice Hare's Ear GUID $2.29
If you fly fish for trout than you know trout spend most of their days feeding below the surface. Our site has included some of the most successful trout nymphs to help you catch more fish when fly fishing for trout.