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Fly Tying Materials & Hooks

12 Compartment Drilled Dubbing Box
12 Compartment Drilled Dubbing Box HBX $2.95
Angel Silk RAS $4.79
Arizona Simi-Seal
Arizona Simi-Seal UASD $2.50 $1.50
Beadmaster Tool HBM $19.95
Bethke's Pink Squirrel - Fly Tying Material Package FMP-FP5 $15.15
Big Fly Fiber
Big Fly Fiber HBFF $4.95
Big Fly Fiber - Color Blends
Big Fly Fiber - Color Blends HBFC $5.95
Fishient Brush N Wing Fiber
Brush N Wing Fiber HBNW $4.95
Bug Bodies (Spiders)
Bug Bodies (Spiders) WBB $1.95
Bug Collars
Bug Collars HBBC $4.20
Cam Sigler Popper Heads
Cam Sigler Popper Heads CSP $9.95
CCT Body Fur
CCT Body Fur CCBF $3.95
CCT Body Fur Magnum
CCT Body Fur Magnum CCBFM $6.95
CCT Wing Fibers
CCT Wing Fibers CCWF $2.95
Chartpak Permanent Markers
Chartpak Permanent Markers HCM $5.99
Chocklett's Body Wrap HCBW $6.95
Chocklett's Gamechanger Chenille CGC $4.50
Clear Cure Adhesive Eyes
Clear Cure Adhesive Eyes CCAE $5.29 $2.99
Clear Cure Goo Eyes
Clear Cure Dumbbell Eyes CCDE $5.40 $2.99
Cohen's Carp Dub HCCD $2.70

Fly Fishing Fly Tying Materials and Hooks Online

Here at The Fly Fishers we carry a large selection of fly tying materials from companies like Hareline Dubbin, Wapsi Fly, Rainy's, Umpqua Feather Merchants and Spirit River among others. We also carry a wide variety of fly tying hooks from Daiichi, Tiemco and Gamakatsu. No matter whether you are tying, trout flies, bass flies, muskie flies or saltwater flies we have the fly tying materials and fly tying hooks you need.

Fly Fishing Products

Shop our full supply of fly fishing supplies for sale online from The Fly Fishers.