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Freshwater Leaders

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Berkley Cross-Lok Snaps
Berkley Cross-Lok Snaps CROSS $3.25
RIO 9' Trout Knotless Leader - 3 Pack RTL93 $12.95
RIO Freshwater Versileader 10
RIO Freshwater Versileader 10' RFVL $12.95
RIO Leader Wallet
RIO Leader Wallet WALT $19.95
RIO Spey Versi-Leaders 10
RIO Spey Versi-Leaders 10' RVSL1 $12.95
RIO Spey Versi-Leaders 6
RIO Spey Versi-Leaders 6' RSVL $8.95
Third Coast Leaderworks Pike/Musky Fluorocarbon Leader
Third Coast Leaderworks Pike/Musky Fluorocarbon Leader TCLPM $11.99
Umpqua 10' Knotless Trout Leader UTL10 $4.99
Umpqua 13' Spring Creek Taper Leader USCT $4.99
Umpqua 7.5 ft. Knotless Trout Leader UTL75 $4.99
Umpqua 7.5
Umpqua 7.5' Power Taper Leader 2-Pack UPTL75 $8.99
Umpqua Bass Leader 8' UBASS8 $4.99
Umpqua Freshwater Shorty Leader 5' UFSL5 $4.99
Umpqua Indicator Coil UIC $12.99
Umpqua Pike/Muskie Leader UPML $12.99
Umpqua Power Taper Practice Leader UPTP $6.50
Umpqua Red Hot Power Taper Leader URHP $5.99
Umpqua Streamer Taper Leader USTL $5.99

Shop Freshwater Fly Leaders

Fly Leaders designed for use in freshwater fly fishing situations including fly fishing bass, pike, muskies, trout, steelhead, and salmon. Check out our selection we have the leaders you need for all of your fly fishing adventures. Shop Rio knotless leaders, fluoroflex leaders, taper leaders, trout, bass, and other fly fishing leaders for sale online.

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