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Bass Flies for Sale Online

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Alec's Marsh Munchie MUNCH $4.99
Ball Peen Craw BPC $3.99
Banger Popper Fly BPF $6.99
Barr's Slumpbuster Conehead SLUMP $3.99
Beadhead Crystal Bugger
Beadhead Crystal Bugger BHCRYS $2.59
Bennett's Lunch $ Money BLM $4.99
Best Flies For Smallmouth Bass Assortment BFSBA $39.95
Big Eye Baitfish Roger
Big Eye Baitfish Roger's BEBAIT $8.99
Blockhead Popper Holschlag
Blockhead Popper Holschlag's BLOCK $4.99
Booby Frog
Booby Frog BOOBF $5.99
Boogle Popper
Boogle Bug Popper BOOG $4.99
Boogle Bullet
Boogle Bullet BOBUL $4.99
Borski Bonefish Slider BBS $4.99
Bubbleicious Bisharat
Bubbleicious Bisharat's BUBBL $15.99
Buzz-Ard Pat Ehlers
Buzz-Ard Pat Ehlers' BUZZ $7.99
Chocklett's Game Changer GMCHN $12.99
Clouser Crayfish
Clouser Crayfish CCRAY $3.99
Clouser Foxxee Red Minnow
Clouser Foxxee Red Minnow FXEE $3.99
Clouser Minnow
Clouser Minnow FLY-CLSM $2.99
Creasefly FCF $6.99

Flies for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass

Bass fly assortment for sale Pat Ehler's Signature Bass Fly Assortment is everything you need to fly fish bass.

Fly fishing for bass is an exciting way to catch them. Bass, compared to most other gamefish, will eat just about anything: crayfish, aquatic insects, sunfish, mice and other rodents, shad, minnows, and frogs, to name a few. Because of their diet, they are one of the most adaptable, and, therefore, most widely available species for fly fishing in the United States.

Bass are ambush hunters. They hide under cover and wait for prey to pass by. Fish weed edges, docks and around wood to find these predators. If you want to catch more bass learn to recognize these ambush points and fish your flies around them.

Surface Flies

Is there anything more exciting than seeing a bass ambush your fly not a moment after hitting the surface? The Fly Fishers’ collection of surface flies for sale include all sorts of different poppers, sliders, divers, and imitation mice to appeal to large and small mouth bass in any potential fly fishing environment.

Subsurface Flies

Contact bass fly fishing expertsBass will go after dredging flies, as well. The key to effective subsurface bass is figuring out the mood of the fish, negative, neutral or aggressive and present the fly accordingly. Keep the rod low to keep slack out of the line and strip strike to get better hook penetration. Crayfish are a huge part of a bass’s diet. We carry imitation crayfish flies to work subsurface when surface flies aren’t working. Choose a subsurface fly and experiment with retrieves to get the bass to eat.

Get the Best Flies for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass

Crayfish Imitation Smallmouth Bass Fly For the best smallie fly fishing, try out Pat Ehlers' Crazi Craw, an excellent crayfish imitation pattern.

If you're a little overwhelmed with our huge selection of subsurface and surface bass flies and looking for a good place to start, check out our hand-picked favorite flies for fly fishing smallmouth and largemouth bass:

Browse our full inventory of bass flies today, stock your gear bag with some high quality bass flies, and get out on the water for some unforgettable action!

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