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Body Materials

Chocklett's Body Wrap HCBW $6.95
Chocklett's Gamechanger Chenille CGC $4.50
Enrico Puglisi Anadromous Brush
EP Anadromous Brush HEAB $7.50
EP Trigger Point Int'l Fibers EPTP $7.50
Flymen Chocklett
Flymen Chocklett's Body Tubing CHOCKBT $5.95
Fish-Skull CrawBody
Flymen Fishing CrawBody FCB $3.90
Hareline Antron Yarn
Hareline Antron Yarn HAY $1.95
Cactus Chenille
Hareline Cactus Chenille HCC $3.25
Hareline Chenille HLC $2.80
Hareline Chenille Large
Hareline Chenille Large HLCL $2.80
Tinsel Chenille
Hareline Chenille Solid & Krystal Tinsel HSKT $3.50
Variegated Chenille
Hareline Chenille Variegated HVC $2.95
Diamond Braid
Hareline Diamond Braid HDB $2.75
Hareline Diamond Braid Midge
Hareline Diamond Braid Midge HMDB $2.95
Hareline D-Rib HDR $1.95
Flat Diamond Braid
Hareline Flat Diamond Braid $3.25
Frizzle Chenille
Hareline Frizzle Chenille HLFC $3.95
Hareline Krystal Hackle
Hareline Krystal Hackle HKH $3.25
Micro Hollow Tubing
Hareline Micro Hollow Tubing HMT $1.95
Hareline Minnow Body Wrap
Hareline Minnow Body Wrap HMBW $4.95

We carry a variety of fly tying materials for wrapping bodies on your flies. Chenilles, Diamond Braids and a variety of other synthetic fly tying materials like UV Polar Chenille for any variety of flies from Pat Ehlers' Grim Reaper to Wooly Buggers.

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