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Sage Fly Rods

Sage Approach Fly Rod
Sage Approach Fly Rod ROD-APPR $295.00
Sage Bass II Fly Rods
Sage Bass II Fly Rods ROD-BASSII $550.00
Sage Circa Fly Rod
Sage Circa Fly Rod ROD-CIRCA $775.00
Sage Method 1090-4 (10wt. 9
Sage Method 1090-4 (10wt. 9'0" 4pc.) METHOD10904 $825.00
Sage Method 1190-4 (11wt. 9
Sage Method 1190-4 (11wt. 9'0" 4pc.) METHOD11904 $825.00
Sage Method 490-4 (4wt. 9
Sage Method 490-4 (4wt. 9'0" 4pc.) METHOD4904 $825.00
Sage Method 590-4 (5wt. 9
Sage Method 590-4 (5wt. 9'0" 4pc.) METHOD5904 $825.00
Sage Method 690-4 (6wt. 9
Sage Method 690-4 (6wt. 9'0" 4pc.) METHOD6904 $825.00
Sage Method 691-4 (6wt. 9
Sage Method 691-4 (6wt. 9'0" 4pc.) METHOD6914 $825.00
Sage Method 697-4 (6wt. 9
Sage Method 697-4 (6wt. 9'6" 4pc.) METHOD6974 $825.00
Sage Method 7100-4 (7wt. 10
Sage Method 7100-4 (7wt. 10'0" 4pc.) METHOD71004 $825.00
Sage Method 790-4 (7wt. 9
Sage Method 790-4 (7wt. 9'0" 4pc.) METHOD7904 $825.00
Sage Method 796-4 (7wt. 9
Sage Method 796-4 (7wt. 9'6" 4 pc.) METHOD7964 $825.00
Sage Method 890-4 (8wt. 9
Sage Method 890-4 (8wt. 9'0" 4pc.) METHOD8904 $825.00
Sage Method 990-4 (9wt. 9
Sage Method 990-4 (9wt. 9'0" 4pc.) METHOD9904 $825.00
Sage Method ELITE 590-4 (5wt. 9
Sage Method ELITE 590-4 (5wt. 9'0" 4pc.) Method5904E $1,325.00
Sage Method ELITE 890-4 (8wt. 9
Sage Method ELITE 890-4 (8wt. 9'0" 4pc.) Method8904E $1,350.00
Sage Motive 1090-4 (10wt. 9
Sage Motive 1090-4 (10wt. 9'0" 4pc.) MOTIVE10904 $425.00
Sage Motive 1190-4 (11wt. 9
Sage Motive 1190-4 (11wt. 9'0" 4pc.) MOTIVE11904 $425.00
Sage Motive 1290-4 (12wt. 9
Sage Motive 1290-4 (12wt. 9'0" 4pc.) MOTIVE12904 $425.00

Sage fly rods offer the ultimate in fly casting performance. These high-performance American-made fly fishing rods from the Sage Manufacturing Co. are the best fly casting rods on the planet. No matter what you fly fish for Sage has a fly rod for you in a variety of prices.  They don't just look good, they're unbelievable casters.  All include a full, unconditional lifetime warranty.

Sage produces superior quality fly rods for a wide range of fly fishing applications.  Coming from humble beginnings, Sage started as a small company with 6 employees working in a 1500 square foot building.  Their mission was simple: to build the greatest fly fishing rods in the world.  Using superior build materials and years of fly rod design experience, Sage strove to provide fly fishers with the best equipment on the planet.  Guided constantly by their passion for fly fishing, Sage designed and built rods and reels to exceed angler’s expectations. 

Now a worldwide leader in the fly fishing industry, Sage continues its quest to exceed fly fishing enthusiasts’ expectations.  Today, Sage’s 175 employees build the world’s best fly rods in their 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility.  These rods are constructed from superior materials and build to last.  Sage designs their rods to never run out of “power.”  Even if the fisher doesn’t need it all, Sage rods are manufactured to hold reserves of flex and power, never running out.  Offering a wide range of rods and reels, Sage has a fly rod suitable to every fishing scenario and every angler.  Whether fishing saltwater or freshwater, bass or trout, Sage rods will provide an excellent fishing experience for many years. 

The Fly Fishers is proud to offer an extensive line of products from Sage.  We endeavor to provide our customers with only the best fly fishing gear available.  Sage mirrors our philosophy by providing their customers with incredible quality fly fishing rods and reels.  Our lineup includes freshwater and saltwater models in a variety of lengths and weights.  A superior quality Sage rod is the ideal upgrade for any fly fisher looking to take their fishing to the next level.  Upgrade to a Sage fly fishing rod today and feel the difference it makes!

Shop our line of Sage fly fishing rods below and browse the entire selection of fly fishing products from The Fly Fishers, your trusted online source for fly fishing equipment and accessories.