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Banger Popper Fly BPF $5.99
Blockhead Popper Holschlag
Blockhead Popper Holschlag's BLOCK $3.99
Booby Frog
Booby Frog BOOBF $5.99
Boogle Bullet
Boogle Bullet BOBUL $4.99
Boogle Popper
Boogle Popper BOOG $4.99
Bubbleicious Bisharat
Bubbleicious Bisharat's BUBBL $15.99
Buzz-Ard Pat Ehlers
Buzz-Ard Pat Ehlers' BUZZ $6.99
Creasefly FCF $6.99
Deep South Popper
Deep South Popper DEEP $3.99
Deer Hair Diver
Deer Hair Diver DDIV $4.99
Diving Minnow Dahlberg
Diving Minnow Dahlberg's DMIN $4.99
EZ-Bug Clouser
EZ-Bug Clouser's EZBUG $3.99 $1.99
Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale FEMM $5.99
Freaky Frog
Freaky Frog FRKFG $5.99
Hopper Popper
Hopper Popper HOPP $3.99
J's Kicker Frog JKICK $6.99
Jumbo Deer Hair Diver
Jumbo Deer Hair Diver JUMBO $5.99
Lefty's Popping Bug LPPBG $3.99 $1.99
Micro-Me Popper
Micro-Me Popper MEPOP $3.99
Moorish Mouse
Morrish Mouse MOOR $3.99

From Dahlberg Divers to bass poppers The Fly Fishers have the most effective top water bass flies going. We fish these flies ourselves from the Midwest smallmouth bass rivers to the largemouth bass lakes of Florida and California.