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Baby Boy Cricket
Baby Boy Cricket BABYC $2.99
Bluegill Bee
Bluegill Bee BBEE $2.59
Bullethead Hopper
Bullethead Hopper BULHOP $2.99
Chernobyl Ant
Chernobyl Ant CANT $1.99
Craven's Charlie Boy Hopper CBOY $2.29
Damsel Nymph
Damsel Nymph DAMSN $2.29
Dave's Hopper DVHP $2.59
Deep South Popper
Deep South Popper DEEP $3.99
Dragon Carter
Dragon Carter's CDRAG $2.59
Dragon Neally
Dragon Neally's NDRAG $3.59
Flash-A-Bugger FLASH $2.29
Gold Bead Squirrel Nymph
Gold Bead Squirrel Nymph GBSQN $1.89
Hi-Viz Foam Beetle
Hi-Viz Foam Beetle FBEET $1.89
Hopper Popper
Hopper Popper HOPP $3.99
Micro Popper
Micro Popper MIPOP $3.59
Micro-Me Popper
Micro-Me Popper MEPOP $3.99
Morrish Hopper
Morrish Hopper UMT $2.59
Ozark Spider
Ozark Spider OZAR $2.99
Panfish Spider
Panfish Spider PSPIDE $2.59
Little Reaper Pat Ehlers
Pat Ehlers' Little Reaper LREAP $2.99

There's a lot of fly fisherman out there that cut their teeth fly fishing for panfish. There's still a lot of fly anglers that still fly fish for panfish. Catching a nice mess of bluegills or crappies is a great time. Check out our panfish flies to help you gout and relive those early days of your fly fishing career or because you never quit chasing these great fish.