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Flash Materials

DNA Holo Chromosome Flash
DNA Holo Chromosome Flash HDNAC $4.95
Flashabou HFB $3.95
Flashabou Accent
Flashabou Accent HFAC $4.95
Flashabou Grizzly Barred HFGB $4.95
Flashabou Grizzly Barred Magnum HFBM $5.95
Holographic Flashabou
Flashabou Holographic HHF $4.50
Flashabou Holographic Blends
Flashabou Holographic Blends HHFB $4.50
Flashabou Holographic Predator
Flashabou Holographic Predator HFHP $8.95
Flashabou Holographic Predator Blends
Flashabou Holographic Predator Blends HFPB $8.95
Flashabou Magnum
Flashabou Magnum HFMG $5.95
Magnum Holographic Flashabou
Flashabou Magnum Holographic HFMH $5.95
Flashabou Magnum Holographic Blends
Flashabou Magnum Holographic Blends HFMHB $5.95
Flashabou Micro 1/100"
Flashabou Micro 1/100" HFM1 $3.95
Flashabou Mirage
Flashabou Mirage HFM $4.95
Flashabou Predator
Flashabou Predator HFP $7.95
Saltwater Flashabou
Flashabou Saltwater HSWF $4.95
Flashabou Speckled
Flashabou Speckled HSF $4.50
Flashabou Weave
Flashabou Weave HFW $4.95
Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe
Hareline Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe HIDSF $5.49
Hareline Ice Wing Fiber
Hareline Ice Wing Fiber HIW $3.25

Add flash and sparkle to your flies with a wide variety of flash materials. Saltwater flies, smallmouth bass flies, muskie flies and even trout streamers will all be more effective with some flash material added.