RIO Powerflex Plus Leader

Part Number: 6-245

0X - 18 LB.
1X - 15 LB.
2X - 12 LB.
3X - 9.5 LB.
4X - 7.5 LB.
5X - 6 LB.
6X - 4 LB.
7X - 2.75 LB.

Powerflex Plus Trout Leader - Single Pack

RIO’s Powerflex Plus leaders are the strongest trout fly fishing leaders ever made.

RIO Powerflex Plus fly fishing leaders have increased tensile strengths up to 20% more than regular leaders. A technical modification of the nylon's co-polymer formula has increased the material's strength without compromising your knot strength or the leaders suppleness.

Buy RIO Powerflex Plus Leader 3-Pack for a better value!

Each pack contains 1 premium leader.

  • Incredible strength to diameter ratio
  • Soft material for high knot strength
  • High-performance taper

Ideal for:

  • Dry flies
  • Soft hackles
  • Nymph/Indicator rigs
  • Streamers


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