Scott F Series Fiberglass Fly Rod

Part Number: FSERIES

2wt 6'2" 4 Piece
3wt 5'8" 4 Piece
3wt 6'6" 4 Piece
3wt 7'2" 5 Piece
4wt 7'2" 4 Piece

Scott F Series Fiberglass Fly Rods

Incredible small stream fiberglass fly fishing rods that create beautiful loops and very accurate casts at short distances.

Scott Fly Rods built their name on fiberglass rods before graphite fly rods even existed.  They continue their legacy of quality with the finest fiberglass rod they've ever made in the new F Series fly rods.  Available in 5 models ranging from 2 to 4 weight sizes, these Scott fiberglass rods are designed for exceptionally beautiful, comfortable and accurate loops and casts 20 feet and under.  While these full flex rods are incredible at close range they will still reach out when needed to on your favorite trout fly fishing streams and creeks.

Scott F Series fly fishing rods introduce new slimmer tapers with Scott's E-glass material.  That combined with their redesigned hollow internal ferrule culminate in the one of the sweetest casting small stream fly rods that we've ever had the pleasure of fishing.  Mass and stiffness in the Scott F Series fly rods are precisely controlled throughout to make these fiberglass fly rods lighter and exceptionally stable for a full flex fly rod.  While graphite fly fishing rods certainly have their merits, the smaller streams and tight, close fishing spots these rods are designed for make them incredibly functional and most importantly fun to fish with.  

While the E-glass and world class design in the Scott F Series fly rods are of course the center of these fiberglass fly rods' performance, in typical Scott quality the componentry is best in class.  These rods are equipped with Snake Brand Universal snake guides, titanium SiC stripping guides, Flor grade cork grips and CNC milled reel seats.  Measuring wraps, alignment dots and Scott's handcrafted in the USA quality add the extra touches that you want and expect from a rod of the F Series' quality.

The all new Scott F Series fiberglass fly fishing rods are incredible small stream fly fishing rods made with the pride, history and quality Scott Fly Rods have been known for over decades.  Most importantly these fiberglass fly rods are designed and made for the most fun on the water possible.

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Scott F Series Fiberglass Fly Rod Profile

The Scott F series fiberglass rod is one of our favorites in the shop.

This is one of the best rods on the market for many reasons. It's cracked our list of favorites for many different applications:

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