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Flymen Faux Bucktail

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Faux Bucktail is a synthetic fly tying material that imitates premium length natural bucktail. It has all of the same basic attributes as natural bucktail from its natural tapered tips to the same natural action that bucktails supplies. You can tie everything from Clouser Minnows to large muskie flies with Faux Bucktail. Faux Bucktail can be used in conjunction with other synthetic fly tying materials or use it with natural bucktail. Take advantage of the longer more consistent fiber length of the Faux Bucktail by using it with shorter natural bucktail when you need to tie up some really large flies like large muskie flies

While the Faux Bucktail have a lot of the same attributes, the fibers are solid not hollow (this allows the flies to sink faster) and the fibers will not flare. Because of this you need to tie with some different techniques. See the video clips. .

The fibers can be used in a wide range of fly or lure types.

  • Trout flies: Beautiful tapered wrapped “quill” bodies, nymph wing cases, Mayfly tails and legs.
  • Streamers: From tying typical Clouser Minnows or Deceivers right up to large, “bite-proof” Pike, Musky or Golden Dorado flies.
  • Poppers: Tie simple and durable tails on foam poppers
  • Bucktail Jigs: Tougher, longer lasting fresh and saltwater bucktail jigs.
  • Musky Bucktail Lures or dressed trebles.

Note: Faux Bucktail cuts easily, but like most other synthetic materials can be hard on your nice scissors. Use serrated heavy duty scissors designed for synthetics (or an old pair you don’t mind abusing). Checkout the Dr.Slick Synthetic Scissors for this.



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