Hareline Eyes 3D Big Fish Eyes

Part Number: H3B3

Super Pearl

Predators like northern pike, muskies, bass, snook and large trout key in on eyes on their prey. Adding eyes will bring life to your baitfish flies.These adhesive backed fly tying eyes attach easily but should be coated with epoxy to keep them on. Clear Cure Goo epoxy is a quick and easy way to make the epoxy head. 3D Big Fish Eyes are large and come in 3 sizes - 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4". The Super Pearl Colored eyes shift in color as the angle changes - triggering attention. If you tie large baitfish flies check out the 3D Big Fish Fly Tying Eyes.

3/8" - 20 per pack
1/2" - 18 per pack
3/4" - 8 per pack

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