Flymen Fishing Chocklett's Finesse Game Changer Fly Tying Kit

Part Number: KITFGC


Flymen Fishing Chocklett's Finesse Game Changer Fly Tying Kit

Everything you need to tie 6 Finesse Changer flies

many tiers want to learn how to tie the Game Changer flies of Blaine Chocklett. The Finesse Changer is a highly articulated, realistic baitfish streamer with incredible swimming action but is a bit tricky to tie at first. This kit contains everything you need to tie 6 Finesse Changer flies along with basic step-by-step tying instructions.

NOTE: These images serve to illustrate how Chocklett’s Fish-Spine shanks in various sizes can be connected together in different configurations to create a highly articulated minnow body. The actual configuration of materials specifically for the Finesse Changer is included inside the kit.

Included Colors

  • Chartreuse
  • Tan
  • White/Clear

Included Materials

  • Fish-Skull® Fish-Spine
  • Fish-Skull® Tail Shank
  • Fish-Skull® Living Eyes
  • Kona® Big Game Hunter hooks
  • Hareline® Finesse Chenille
  • Hareline® Marabou
  • Wire
  • Not included: Thread, glue, fly tying tools and permanent marker pens

Fun. Very basic product, gives you the materials you need to tie the Game Changer - very happy with some of the material quality, especially the hooks, and the random colors. This comes with the bare minimum materials, I'd strongly suggest to expect to use more than they give. My only hate on the materials is the feather quality. One of my "six" feathers was actually just a, thick, bare calamus. The hollow shaft of the feather, with no feathers. All of the spines are the same size, they're all 10mm. There is no gradual increase like you see most youtube videos tie the fly, or on the back of the package; It displays an illustration on "how" the spines can be tied together, using various sizes. I suggest anyone putting this in their cart to find some more spines to get that taper you see on the package, otherwise it'll look more like a worm. 3/5 for lack of quality control, and the spines.
- Kyle Wiebe

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