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Flymen Fish Skull Weighted Heads

Flymen Fish Skull Weighted Heads
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Fish Skull Weighted Heads from Flymen Fishing are an easy and effective way to add weight to your streamer flies. Fish Skulls come in a variety of colors and weights allowing you to tie flies for a variety of different fish species. You can use natural fly tying materials or synthetic fly tying materials with Fish Skulls. They are extremely easy to use too.There is also 3D Fish Eyes included in each pack to be used on the Fish Skulls.

The Flymen Fish Skull Articulated Shanks will fit these heads allowing you to create articulted fly patterns.

Fish Skull Size         Hook Size Range

Small                      #10,#8,#6,#4      (10 pack)

Small-Medium             #4,#2,#1          (8 pack)

Medium                    #2, #1, #1/0       (8 pack)

Large                    #2/0. #3/0, #4/0     (6 pack)