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Stonfo Fly Tying Bobbin Elite Disc Drag SEDD $22.60
Renzetti Traveler 2000 Fly Tying Vise C2000 $179.99
Anvil #70 Ultimate Fly Tying Scissors A70 $17.95
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Fly Tying Tools for SaleAt The Fly Fishers we carry a great assortment of some of the finest fly tying tools in the business. From the nicest and most popular Renzetti fly tying vises to Dr. Slick fly tying scissors as well as the beautiful fly tying tools from Tiemco we carry them. No matter if you are tying delicate dry flies. tying deer hair bass bugs or tying large muskie flies and saltwater flies we have the fly tying tools to make your fly tying easier.

The right tools, supplies and materials make for perfect fly patterns

Equipped with high quality specialty tools and fly tying materials, you'll craft an army of fly patterns prepared to attract trophy fish. Preparation and attention to detail are your allies. Be prepared and nab trophy fish on every trip.

Shop our full selection of fly fishing equipment for sale online from The Fly Fishers.